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Friends on a Hike

A Peer Community for Earlier Stage Entrepreneurs 

Coming Summer 2024

The Founders Club is a co-ed peer community for earlier stage entrepreneurs, founders and business owners. 

Think of this as your social group of founders who know what you are going through and want to support you along the way!

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Rooftop Party

The Founders Club

Community. Growth. Accountability. Learning. Entrepreneurship. Vulnerability.

This isn't just any group. We are building something big. And we can't do that without amazing members. So we are bringing the value because we want this to be the go to place for early stage entrepreneurs to be. 

What's Included:


Monthly Peer Group Meetings of 5 Similar Stage Entrepreneurs w/ Facilitator


Physical Business Book Sent to You Each Month For Book Club + Quick Summaries


Access to In Person Weekend Retreats. Amazing Locations, Food, Community


Monthly Guest Speakers/ Exclusive Tactical Weekly Newsletter


Forum w/ Hundreds of Founders for Networking, Referrals, Ideas, Advice


We vet members to ensure that we build the best and most valuable group we can. 

Who we look for:

Earlier Stage Startup Founders from Pre-Revenue to $10M

Hungry to Learn and Grow

Also SMB & ETA Owners from $100k to $10M

Supportive and Empathetic

Community/Helping Minded Individuals

Committed to being a part of something bigger than themselves

Starting Pricing:

$175 per month

Other groups like Hampton and Vistage often start at $8k+ per year. We are trying to bring the value for the price.

Image by Vicko Mozara

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